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Aphrodite's Baby



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Everyone has it within themselves to step into their highest version of Self, but sometimes we may need a little help along the way. 
We'll create a sacred space as we work together to understand and identify any blockages and work through them to help you re-connect with your Highest Self. 
Everyone's journey is completely unique, so following a Connection Call, I will put together a programme that is tailored to you.
Together we can bring you closer to a more authentic and joyful You.
Information About Your Sessions: 
- All calls will be held via zoom
- Session are held on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays between 10am - 6pm. Please provide your preferred time and dates when booking.
- Each session is 45 minutes
- There is no obligation, if after the Connection Call you do not feel like we are a match you do not need to book a session
If you would like to stop your session/s at any time you can absolutely do so
- All payments are non-refundable
- You can re-schedule up to three times before your session is cancelled
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