Tarot Readings

Dive into the ancient art of Tarot. Uncover the symbolic language of the cards as they weave narratives of guidance and self-discovery.

The cards can assist in answering any questions you may want to ask or simply pass along a message from the Universe with what you need to know at this present moment in time.

With each reading I ask for guidance from the Universal Energies, and connect with my intuition as I shuffle the cards and ask your question/s.

Each reading will be sent to you on within 48 hours of booking via email.

  • - Anna

    "I am honestly so shocked at how you got me to an absolute 'T' and how could you possible get me so right?!? I can't thank you enough for your/my reading, a lot of the questions been answered and I feel like you have "awaken" the part of me that has been dormant. Listening to your beautiful voice you got to my 'inner-self' that has been sleeping. I feel like you have given me the keys and now I can open any door!!!"

  • - Paula

    "That was amazing and everything was very much on point with what I've been feeling. I have no questions as everything was super clear and your voice is so soothing by the way. Appreciated it so much ❤️"

  • - Lara

    "Just had a listen and this was amazing!!! It really resonated with me and gave me a sense of grounding. So appreciated as always! Feeling really energised about what’s to come in 2024…Hopefully will check in again with you soon."

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