What You Need To Know About The New Moon in Leo August 2023

What You Need To Know About The New Moon in Leo August 2023

New Moons allow us to slow down, wipe the slate clean, and begin the new lunar cycle with fresh intentions. 


On August 16th, the Moon joins the Sun in the zodiac, Leo. This gives us a perfect opportunity to reconnect with your inner child and let the joy and creativity that comes with it to flow through you. 


Setting Intentions with Leo's Passion:


Use the Leo New Moon's energy to set intentions that reflect your aspirations. Infuse your goals with Leo's boldness and determination, whether they're professional or personal. 


This New Moon is the perfect time to manifest, so get clear on your intentions and use this supercharged and fiery energy to bring you into your highest timeline.


How To Manifest:


The easiest way to do this is to think about your goal and what feeling coincides with it. 


For example: if your goal is abundance/wealth, then how would being wealthy make you feel? Free, excited, luxurious, proud? Once you can pinpoint that feeling, do whatever you can in the present to make you feel that same way. 


By doing this you’re subconsciously aligning with the vibration of your manifestation! Everything is energy after all. 

As the New Moon in Leo arrives in August 2023, embrace its magnifying energy. Tap into your inner child's creativity, set powerful intentions with Leo's passion, and step into a renewed sense of joy and growth.

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