Your Monthly Tarotscope: September

Your Monthly Tarotscope: September

Are you curious to see what your September tarotscope ahead has in store for you? Check your zodiac star sign (and your rising if it calls to you!) for your monthly tarot horoscope and see what September will bring you!

Seven of Wands Reversed Tarot CardARIES: Seven of Wands Rx
Surrender is sometimes the best way to win Aries. This month the Seven of Wands Reversed reminds you that taking a step back doesn't mean defeat. It's giving up, it's just getting better.  
Queen of Swords Reversed tarot card
TAURUS: Queen of Swords Rx
 Don't get carried away this month, Taurus. Your being warned by the Queen of Swords Reversed that sometimes your heart rules your head and can lead you down a cold and calculating path. Take a beat and have a breath, is it all worth it? 
high priestess reversed tarot card
GEMINI: High Priestess Rx
Where has your trust in your inner voice gone Gemini? The High Priestess Reversed is calling you to find your connection to your Highest Self. Your instincts are there to guide you, listen to them. 
the moon reversed tarot card
CANCER: The Moon Rx
What you resist, persists Cancer. This month The Moon Reversed is here to tell you that whatever is bubbling beneath the surface will rear it's head eventually, whether you want it to or not. Bring your shadow into the light.   
seven of swords reversed tarot card
LEO: Seven of Swords Rx
 Let's switch things up this month Leo. It's time to let things go and turn a new leaf. The past is the past and the Seven of Swords Reversed is asking you to forgive and forget, or perhaps it's you that needs to ask for forgiveness.
ace of pentacles tarot card
VIRGO: Ace of Pentacles 
We're starting fresh this month Virgo! The Ace of Pentacles is here to tell you that abundance and newness is waiting for you. If you've been thinking of moving, starting a new project or job, or perhaps laying the foundations for something bigger; now is the time to go for it!
10 of swords reversed tarot card
LIBRA: Ten of Swords Rx
Libra, it's time to move on. This month the Ten of Swords Reversed is guiding you gently through this healing process. The feelings of betrayal and hurt are heavy, time to lighten the load. 
9 of wands tarot card
SCORPIO: Nine of Wands
We're nearly at the finish line Scorpio! The Nine of Wands is asking you to persevere this month and keep pushing through. The journey can be long but you're nearly at the end of it - keep going! 
3 of swords tarot card
SAGITTARIUS: 3 of Swords
Keep your heart safe this month Sagittarius! The 3 of Swords is warning you that heartache may be on the horizon. Whether this is a romantic or platonic type of hurt, give yourself some extra love and get that ice cream and wine on standbye! 
the fool tarot card
This could be the start of something new Capricorn! We're finished one cycle and a new one is beginning. The energy of the Full Moon has cleared the way and opened the door for complete renewal - embrace it and have fun!  
knight of cups tarot card
AQUARIUS: Knight of Cups
Gear up Aquarius, something romantic this way comes! The Knight of Cups brings with him news of romantic connection. Whether you're existing relationship is getting serious or things are heating up with a someone new, things are getting steamy!
2 of swords tarot card
PISCES: Two of Swords
Indecision can be paralysing sometimes, Pisces. This month the Two of Swords is reminding you that there is no right or wrong choice, there is only choice and forward movement. Don't stay where you are out of fear of the consequences - be brave! 
Whatever this month holds for you, remember to embrace the change that comes with the month of September.

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