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Your Monthly Tarotscope: February 2024

Aquarius season has began and the New Moon is round the corner along with Valentine's day! Are you curious to see what this month has in store for you? Check your zodiac sign (and your moon and rising if it calls to you!) for your monthly Tarotscope and see what February will bring you!


8 of Pentacles tarot cardARIES: 8 of Pentacles

Time to pick up where you left off Aries. This month you're being asked by the 8 of Pentacles to see what projects can be dusted off and built upon. Rome wasn't built in a day, but it was a hell of an empire.
3 of wands tarot cardTAURUS: 3 of Wands

We're moving on up this month, Taurus. The 3 of Wands brings with it expansion, get ready to open your mind and see what's waiting for you around the corner. Big things are coming.

king of wands tarot cardGEMINI: King of Wands
Time to take charge, Gemini. You're being asked by the King of Wands to see where you can take the reigns and lead the way with creativity and optimism. Don't be scared to be bold.
CANCER: Ace of Swords Rx
Be cautious of a foggy mind this month, Cancer. The Ace of Swords Reversed is warning you that the brain is known for playing tricks on you. Take a minute to breathe and make sure sure you're ruling your thoughts and they're not ruling you.
the star tarot card reversedLEO: The Star Rx 
All hope is not lost, Leo. If you're feeling a little lack-lustre this month The Star Reversed is reminding you to take a beat and see where your cup needs filling. Make some well-needed time for you and yours.
6 of wands tarot cardVIRGO: 6 of Wands
Get ready to celebrate this month, Virgo! The 6 of Wands is here to tell you that all of your hard work is paying off and success is around the corner. Let yourself feel victorious, you deserve it.
6 of pentacles tarot cardLIBRA: 6 of Pentacles   
Sharing is caring, Libra. This month you're being reminded by the 6 of Pentacles to extend your knowledge, resources, and time to those who need it. Whatever you give out, know you'll get it back in surplus.
knight of swords tarot cardSCORPIO: Knight of Swords 
We're coming in with laser focus this month, Scorpio. The Knight of Swords brings with it motivation and ambition, but be careful not to get too caught up in the momentum! Patience is a virtue.
the sun tarot card reversedSAGITTARIUS: The Sun Rx 
We may be feel a little down this month, Sagittarius. The Sun Reversed is warning of a little dip, but sometimes it's essential to go through life's lows in order to feel the highs. What goes up must come down.
7 of swords tarot card reversedCAPRICORN: 7 of Swords Rx
Time to turn the page this month, Capricorn. The of Swords Reversed is reminding you that the short term wins from cutting corners won't last forever. Turn over a new leaf and makes moves from an authentic place.
page of swords tarot card reversedAQUARIUS: Page of Swords Rx   
You may feel a little scatterbrained this season Aquarius. The Page of Swords Reversed is warning you that with your ruling planet in charge this month your mind might be busy with ideas, but take some time to see which ones are worth pursuing. Discernment will be your best friend. 
The Devil tarot cardPISCES: The Devil  
We're breaking toxic cycles this month, Pisces. You're being asked by The Devil to see where your stuck in a habit that no longer serves you. What chains can be broken for your greatest good?
No matter what the cards hold for you, it's the time to embrace the Aquariun energy and connect with your collective and highest Self!
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