Celebrating the Spring Equinox with Glamour Magick

Celebrating the Spring Equinox with Glamour Magick

As we revel in spring's arrival let us infuse this year's Spring Equinox with glamour magick, harnessing the power of the cosmos to cultivate beauty, grace, and radiant energy. 


Glamour magick is the art of casting spells to enhance our aura, radiate confidence, and magnetise abundance and beauty into our lives. What better time to harness this potent energy than during the Spring Equinox, a moment ripe with potential and possibility?


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Here are some ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox with glamour magick:

1. Ritual Bathing: Prepare a luxurious ritual bath infused with floral essences, crystals, and essential oils. As you soak in the healing waters, visualise yourself being bathed in divine light, shedding any remnants of winter's sparse energy, and emerging renewed and radiant.

2. Fashion Magick: Adorn yourself in garments that help you embody the energy of Spring and vitality. Choose fabrics, colors, and accessories that reflect your inner beauty and magnetism. With each garment you wear, infuse it with intentions of confidence, allure, and attraction.

3. Mirror Magick: Spend some time gazing into the mirror, affirming your beauty, power, and worthiness. Practice mirror magick by reciting affirmations, casting spells, or simply basking in your own divine reflection. Let the mirror become a portal to self-love and magnetism. 

4. Beauty Spells: Create your own beauty spells using enchanted cosmetics, perfumes, and skincare products. Infuse them with intentions of enhancing your natural radiance, attracting compliments and admiration, and embodying your inner Goddess.

5. Glamorous Rituals: Craft rituals that celebrate beauty, abundance, and sensuality. Light candles, adorn your space with flowers and crystals, and engage in practices such as makeup magick, deity offerings (such as Persephine), or divination with enchanted mirrors.


As you celebrate the Spring Equinox with glamour magick, let these practices empower you with confidence and inner radiance. Embrace this transformative energy and step into the season of renewal, embodying your true essence and embracing the beauty within. Here's to a magical equinox filled with abundance, beauty, and endless potential.


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