Eclipse Energy: How You Can Use It To Make Magic

Eclipse Energy: How You Can Use It To Make Magic

Have you ever wondered how an eclipse can affect you and what you can do to harness the energy for the better? Well look no further, here's 3 ways you can use this eclipse energy.

Eclipses are known for bring around deep transformation and change, and this eclipse is no different!


Today brings us a not only a Lunar Eclipse but also a Super Blood Moon in Taurus, now don't worry - we're leaving the intensity of last month's Scorpio Solar Eclipse and making room for comfort, self-care, and all of the Venusian pleasures that comes with a Taurus Moon.


This lunar eclipse calls you to slow down and take a look at what areas of your life are preventing you from fully indulging in all of the comforts and luxuries that are around you. It's time to put these blockers to bed and make way for positive changes.


Today marks the last lunar eclipse until 2025! So take advantage of this powerful energy whilst you can and give some of these tips a go:


1. Release and let go


Letting go of any residual energy that's been lingering in the body and energetic field helps clear the way for newness. Try a cleansing ritual bath to rinse away that negativity, or you could even write a list of that you want to say goodbye to and burn it (safely!).

No matter how you choose to let go know that you're about to welcome in fresh and positive change.


2. Get clear


Now that we've cleared some room in the body and soul it's time to get clear on what we want to bring in by setting your intention. Take a minute to tap into your body and see what comes up for you; do you need to practice more self-love, do you have a career goal you want to achieve, or do you want to give yourself more time and space to simply be?

Once you've figured it out, jot it down to come back to on the next New Moon.


3. Rest and recharge


Eclipses are intense energetic portals so it's no wonder you're feeling drained! Embody the Taurus by allowing yourself to truly unwind and let your body regenerate. The time for action will come but for now the best thing to do is run a nice bubble, make a hot tea, and turn in for an early night!



No matter how you choose to embody this energy, I hope you come out the other side feel relaxed, recharged, and re-connected!

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